Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shoutout to Wings of Yuri

Big shout of thanks to Wings of Yuri for providing constant good quality Touhou yuri translations that Voile is too slow to get on to or not able.

You guys are the best!

Thanks for feeding my Yuri fetish/love!

Without you guys I probably be furious about reading raws now, and not that I can't I just rather not.
On another note:
Kamen Rider Decade has just aired recently the final episode of the very shortest running ever series on 31st, the 31st episode of Kamen Rider Decade and promptly became the first ever Rider to have a BAD END.
According to reliable advertisement, the story will continue in a movie of some sort of possibly a sequal featuring first ever Movie appearance before actual series appearance Kamen Rider Double (W), a two for one rider that is yet again, a first in the long running franchise. Double also looks set to be the first rider since Showa era ZX to have the very classic 'scarf' motif, which was axed after the new generation of armor based riders came to popular expectation, beginning with legendary direct opposite of Decade, Black and Black RX whom have 49episodes and 50+ episodes each, the longest running in all series.
Truth to be said, all earlier assumptions did not go to waste over a hasty end, and instead drops a cliffhanger bomb on us by Toei, giving Decad a much needed plot and deep mystery that shrouds the only rider hated by all others, and will likely never to receive trust from them. (Unlike former ZX Z-Cross whom shared once a similar fate because of his origin as a BADAN creation)
In that story, as will every Showa rider at the time, ZX understood the need to fight for something he believed in than allow his body to be manipulated by BADAN. In the series running on TV, a rather amusing and hilarious moment was used to replace what took several books of Kamen Rider Spirits (the comic now running monthly) to explain.
That sequence is: ZX was brought to Kamen Rider 1's hideout, which is more like a friend place... and given about 10 minutes in the show to watch VCR of every single rider ever do their thing. He was fully convinced by the end of the 10 minutes and decided he will fight evil. In the book however, it took many tries to pull him away from BADAN due to his shaky personality remaining in the last fragment of his humanity after 99% complete modification of his body to become Judo's vessel in the present world.
In the new and upcoming Kamen Rider Double (W), Double sets to become the rider who will apparently oppose Decade in an upcoming feature date on December 12th to be released on public cinemas. Just who or what fate is Tsukasa bounded to? What of Narutaki the doomsayer and why does the True Blade only now appears in the last episode of Kamen Rider Decade to oppose him?
Also noted is there a new addition: A female Kiva, Kivalette officially to make an appearance.
Among others like the very highly anticipated: Kamen Rider Rising Ultimate Kuuga (assuming this is true), the return of rumored original actors of all the Heisei riders, especially Kabuto.


  1. Really? Then what happened to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid scans? I guess if one thing has to be focused, the others must have to be put aside first.

  2. But then Hidoi is doing so yeah~
    Plus... nevermind

    go WoY and download primal prime by Web Knight (Touhou related), read to smile.


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