Monday, December 21, 2009

Currently obssessed with Miku part 2

Hatsune Miku - sleeping beauty (PV) - VOCALOID

Hatsune Miku - Selene no Namida (with PV) - VOCALOID
Made by SHIKI

Music & Lyrics by SHIKI
Arranged by FAT
Movie by tokatoto

(Original title)
([Hatsune Miku Original song] Tears of Selene [with PV])

SHIKI is a BMS musician with long experience. His style of music is a little busy since before he began to use Miku. He has two big hit song, and all of his works got tens of thousands of view counts.

SHIKI's works;
(Can be seen in YouTube)
1. "Night ☆ Ignition"(Apr.23.2008)
2. "Triangle ☆ Girl's Heart"(May.22.2008)
3. "SETSUNA"(Aug.04.2008)
4. "Melancholy wo Mou Ichido"(Nov.17.2008)
5. "blue ray"(Nov.23.2008)
6. "CROSS"(Dec.21.2008)
7. "Prism Door"(Mar.12.2009)
8. "Sentimental ☆ Girl's Heart"(May.12.2009)
9. "Selene no Namida"(Jul.29.2009)
10. "Yggdrasill"(non-Vocaloid)(Oct.01.2009)
11. "Scene zero"(Nov.24.2009)
12. "ELECTRO SYLPH/SF-A2 MIKI"(Dec.04.2009)
13. "CHASER"(Dec.05.2009)
14. "MEMORIES (Miku)"(Dec.07.2009)
15. "MEMORIES (miki)"(Dec.07.2009)

MMD - Clover Club (PV)(Final ver.) - VOCALOID Miku Neru HQ

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