Friday, December 18, 2009

Miku wallpaper


With the ending of this year I thought I would show you why I still can call the shots despite my recent change in direction into Indy Art, which hopefully any of you lovely members can just drop in and mass fave them or whatever.

I also thought about the world this year and how chaotic it has been.

I thought about the scaremongering of Al Gore and his Nobel prize winning book of climate change horrors and that we can change, provided we have the will of unity. I thought about George Michael's song 'Patience' and that how the world is running low. I thought about the lyrics 'God turned his back, and his children walked out the back door.' I thought about how this Copenhagen convention, much like the failures of Kyoto Protocols, and like so the industrial giants America and China who refuses to stand up for carbon emission cut-downs, and I thought about 2012.

I thought about how utterly unlikely 2012 will mean the end of the world, before the end of humanity, at the hands of selfishness. In a time when we needed most to understand why we pass each year celebrating into the new year, we should think about how we far apart we are from each other standing at a stadium cheering away at the countdown parties and fireworks. I thought we should give a small thought right now and ask ourselves, "what if?"

What if one day my children will walk a ruined world, covered to the brim with enough rubbish to resemble the scene of garbage mountains in WALL.E. the animated feature by Pixar? What if, the dark clouds above us rains down acid and melts our skin? What if, our shelters, our homes are like the mudhouses by the River Nile, that upon the rise of the Nile, shall be flooded away as the coming tides of seawater; propelled by the polar icecaps melting, comes consume us?

What if, our securities are like papers fluttering in the wind, held only by a single hand, and that we will someday lose it if we don't grip "THE NOW" ?

What if... we can really change, and all it need is the united will of mankind.

If only, you would think about this as you appreciate this wallpaper of mine, I would be happy.

I would be very happy if you make one of your standing resolutions next year, to be a more environmentally friendly person.

Rome is not built in a day, but together, we can hold it stronger, we can build it faster. All it takes is will.

Also, Miku Hatsune will soon rise to space, and as virtual diva #1 of the world, I thought she would be the perfect representative.

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