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Now, I begin by telling you a tale of friendship.

Recently, a man who has two daughters walked on the streets. This man, he has no friends, nor does he need one, he has come far, alone.

He was married 7 years ago, 1 year later, his wife divorced him and he was left with a burden of a job that is going little anywhere. In the eventual outturn, he was left with the two daughters, they are twins.

This man doesn't need help, so he says.

He has been alone, he doesn't need someone who is not going to stay by his side. He walked with his daughters to the bar, where he works. His daughters have no proper education, it is expensive to put them through school, so home ed it is. Strangely, this man is also a home ed once.

Today, he met his least favorite customer, a hobo who always doesn't quite pay the correct amount, his name was Daniel.

"Good evening Daniel, how's your day?" The man asked, his daughters smiling from behind the wooden bartable.

"Gid, goody jo. I'll earlier found dem' jems, fallen out the truck like dhey were dumped rite there. Wanna see?" He hushed over, showing a small bag which contained!

Authentic ones, no shit ones, it is diamond 100%

The man showed him, and by God, the bartender (our man) was shook.

Slamming the sides of his table, he demanded to know where did he get those.

"I found some overturned garbage near me place, dhey city councils don't giv fuck dhere' no more, ya can dig all yer want and I dug mine out. Go get sum, shiny stones me keep an' near." The man said, putting a dollar on the table for his usual whisky shot.

Our man was not amused, he is excited, he should go now, he knows where this hobo lives, and he should dig his own treasures. 'The hobo is so dumb he doesn't even know what diamonds can sell for!'

{the next day}

Quick as he can, he took the girls to the bar, it was not yet opened.

"Girls, stay here, papa will be back in a few hours, there are snacks inside the fridge and the TV is on, you can get some proper food and pizza from last night, I heated it up already so do whatever you like, but don't leave the bar okay? Papa has got something to do. I love you." Papa did indeed have much to do, kissing their foreheads, he locked them inside and went to where the hobo lives.

"Yo, Daniel" He shouted when arrived.

At a corner, just as he was looking by, Daniel laid down and looked like he suffered a heavy wound to his shoulder, seemingly slashed.


"O...bartender! My usual please..." Daniel joked, he was in a lot of pain.

"What happened? Who did this to you?"

"Sum men from the gangsters...dhey smelled me trail diggers, took the shiny stones...cut me up sideways. I'm glad I have more, I...."

"Ok, I get it...please...are they gone?"

"Yeh, I said I never found none, but they didn't believe me anyway."

"Are there more? I could use your help finding them."

"Sure, down there, the tires there...that is where I found dem." Daniel choked a reply.

Without caring much, bartender decide to go treasure digging.

Indeed he found his bag of diamonds, another few more. Happily he proceeded upwards and away from the hobo, carrying the diamonds.

"Hold...bartender...aren't ya gonna go fer is bleedin' like a soaked towel 'ere" The hobo asked, concerned.

"Sorry, Daniel, if I ask for help, they will get eagle eyed over these shiny stones."

"Them man are gonna get too if you don't put them back where you took dem." Daniel protested.

"Don't worry...I'll be long gone out of Wimbledon before they know." Bartender said. left he did, for Daniel to die.


The weather is cold, and he rushed back to the bar.

Approaching, he could hear gunshots.

"Oh no...Trella...Sonia!" He rushed in, only to see masked men raiding the storage.

Two child corpses hung by the bar table, and the men looked up to see bartender, with the bag in his hands.

"hand that over, bub." The masked man said.

"What have you done? YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTERS!" Bartender rushed at them, getting shot at in the legs instead as he collapsed, spilling the contents of the dirty bag of diamonds.

"Should'da have listened, dis' is property of Boss man." The man said, and proceeded to tie him up.

"Ugh...please...don't kill How did you know...I work here?" Bartender trembled, could not move a muscle.

"We don't, we saw someone dug our shit up, then same bugger visited your bar, we followed him, consider yourself unlucky we decide to come over for a drink today and oh...the rocks too. where are the rest of it?"

That is when a familiar sound came about.

A knock on the door, and a hobo came out from the shadows.

"Ey, don't shot you guns...I'm just here to return ya goods." The hobo said, blood still wet on his coat.


"Ah, so you guys in cahoots..."

"Yes, we are...kind sir, let us go, you already had dem' kids lives bloodied your hand, enough bloodlust satisfied fer der day, God bless ya not to do more. I have your stones righta here...spare us."

"You are gonna save the hide of your bartender?"

"Oh yeah, I haven't paid him yet for the drinks. He can't die yet." Daniel smiled.

"AHAHHAHAHAHA...this guy is priceless, guys..." snatching the stones from his hands, the masked man continued to laugh as his lackeys joined in, and left the place.

"Yer hides a'saven bartender...I am sorry for your kids tho." Daniel came forward, still bleeding and looking dazed.

"Why...after I didn't save you?" Bartender asked.

"You have my tab opened for so many years...I just thought I should settle the tabs before I am gone' I think you make der best pours of Kenny's anyway" He referred to his favorite stout.

"No...Daniel, no..."

"Move on, bartender, there will be another hobo from the down a'comin for your pours...just make sure to keep dem' doors open." With that, Daniel whispered his last breath, the cold and the cut have doomed him.

"" Bartender cried, and held his friend, whom he doesn't even know his last name in his arms.


Time passed, and another snowy day from that year came about.

A hobo hopped into the hopeless little bar, still with the nostalgic rot of wood scent that is incomparable to modern bars with their techno music and blasting noise... this one plays a simple one.

"Lean of Me - Michael Bolton" Bartender said, looking at the Hobo idling at the jukebox left in the eighties.

"Good song dis'" he paused "any reason for playing it?"

"Yeah, one year ago, I found a friend here, and leaned on him when I needed it, he just never leaned on back..."

"I see, sorry fer yer lost." The hobo understood well, he must have seen his fair share of the unkind world.

"What' ya been havin?" The hobo asked, the menu he meant of course.

"Kenny's, my friend loved it, and its on the house."

"Oh...really? Thanks man."

"You can lean on me." Bartender replied, smiling.


Touching story no?


  1. Nice story... I couldn't do something like this... I'm so lazy... :S

  2. a random act of kindness, Irix.

    You can try if you want to

  3. No, i'm said about writing so much for a story... nya!


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