Friday, April 24, 2009

Why do you need to post in forums?

Long delayed update.

Today, let us discuss on the forum issue, why do we have to post on forums?

Truth to be said, let us look at this in a productive fashion.

Ever wondered why you register on a forum? It has to be first:
1. common interest (Maybe you like Touhou, or Bleach.)
2. common liking (not quite the same, maybe you enjoy sports, so you want to discuss aspects of sports, like treating a sport injury at forums)
3. interested in the crowd (some as you may know, registered to associate with the internet crowd, maybe because it is that you are lonely.)
4. some register to access the 'goods' offered on the portal. (Like Hongfire, or maybe some danbooru board)

Regardless of reason, let us look at this, why should you post.

Truth to be told yet again, your opinion remains always your opinion, in a world wide as the open sea and deeper than it, higher than even the clouds above the stratosphere that is the boundless internet, there is no limitation as it how far and how low you can go.

Why register? IF YOU WANT TO GIVE AN OPINION {Just Post}
Do people care about your opinion? Does your opinion arouses a crowd interest, does it spark a protest on the open streets as hippies carrying banners parade and put flowers into the barrels of guns? Does it involved prompting a man to stand bravely before Tiananmen Square and hold his stand despite a potential tank just mashing him like potatoes? Does it make for a bunch of idiots gathering in a subway entry and stripping down to their underwear while taking the train?

No, 99% of forums does nothing like that. It serves as a channel of public gathering, it serves to gather the circlejerk fans of one genre or the other to it, to discuss its aspects but it does not and really would not drive the circus to do something horridly stupid or mundane.

That said, why contribute if you don't have an important role to play? Let us even question Moderation?

Why moderate? Does a simple racist remark, or even the words FUCK, YOUR MOTHER IS A WHORE, I FUCKED YOU'RE TOUHOU even mean anything significant beyond a window or a tab opened in your desktop? Why moderate what people see?

Truth, some fucktards tend to fuck your forums if you don't then again, there are those instances of a forum censoring words with filters to attract a younger attention of crowds. OH COME THE FUCK ON, AS IF YOUR HAVEN'T SAID FUCK SINCE YOU ARE FIVE YEARS OLD IN ENGLISH OR SOME OTHER FUCKTARDED CULTURAL TONGUE. YEAH, I SAID IT.

No one in the end of the day, gives a fuck.

First a forum is just, a forum.

People don't have to go through a tedious process of registration to see the contents, it is clear as day except some forums, like roleplay in gameworks, frankly, I don't think anyone wanted to see that.

Many old forum runners have had enough of roleplay threads, some are even disgusted the internet endorses such things but we can't change that.

As I know, the people who are guests simply do not want to get involved, what is the point? It is not like they want to post anything useful, so they won't register. Wanton registering only spawns more empty nicks. As we all know, the few that are banned for example are such examples, shitposters, adbots, leeches and trolls, they could be just standing there at the sidelines and don't give a fuck if we are posting. Good riddance and thank God.

Six years ago I registered in 15 over forums during my first stint, believe me, looking back at it, I thought it was stupid, posting in a forum has remained itself the most unproductive thing back then. What was the purpose? What is there that you simply must and have to tell the forum goers to? Your diaper needs to be changed? Your rice is cold by the time you touched your dinner plate? You fapped too much and your dick is purple?

Frankly, if being guest can view all this as it is, I can guess why no one wants to register, the same as mine, what can you not see readily presented to you? It is not the forum is open to exclusive rights only. Heh...

Then again...

I like Touhou, so I register in Shrinemaiden, wtf guys? You have something to say about my postcounts being higher in the random section than in Touhou section?


  1. Well, I actually join some forums to get access to some privileges (like in <--- hentai manga :P), I also join some forums because i like the leechers ideals that are here (free all the resources to everyone, and having nice administrators like in KMTS... hahahahaha :D if you even consider pestering one of the admin/mods you will be banned automatically... And sekirei... XD). Or i maybe try to seduce some little chicks under age (between 17-20 that looks like lolitas), because i'm a lolicon! nya!!!

  2. I have nothing against your post count whatsoever.

    I registered to MotK because I, too, love Touhou and like to discuss with others that share the same interest. The end.

    If I want to fap to crap, I don't sign up for that. There's an entire internet that doesn't require that.

  3. I got here by searching google for "I FUCKED YOU'RE TOUHOU." I'm slightly disappointed.


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