Sunday, January 25, 2009

Divorce etc...

Although I normally work alone, I have decided to add a few names to this blog in the immediate future as they all contribute to the contents.

A special shout out goes out to Barasia, Valesta, Mima, Wrathie, and all for shelling on the the new idea for our collaborative website. Thanks! Good luck!

On another issue...


That is right, right about now my life has been turned upside down, there are two issues concerning this. One is the divorce my mother is thoroughly decided on, (I am glad she is not sitting here now), and one is the issue of my dad "being cruel" and "cheating" on her.

I really am no longer sure what the hell I am supposed to do.

A lawyer has been involved in the process to "siphon" off the money well deserved for my mother after this many years of relationship and staying together. A dad that puts up a very good argument on how mom has changed over the years to become a sort of a woman that simply suspects the husband if he so much as take a breath in another woman's presence. A mom that is having nervous breakdowns every night since I got back home and needs a hug or sometimes need to calm her down in deliberate manner.

Life is strange.

Do you know Karma? I think it is hitting back on me in full fucking force.

I always do the sort of thing that says:
"Take it easy" to others' issues. I wish I didn't now.

Please...God whatever...I am having the worst year of my life so far.

Someone please change all this...make them reconcile or something. Can't walk away now, but at me a path that doesn't include pain on both sides.

(note: both sides have no ground for all this conflict, mom doesn't really provide any evidence on dad cheating, and dad doesn't exactly treat mom right either...)

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