Monday, January 12, 2009

Maria+Holic! + Some other stuff

Maria Holic!

Ahhhhnnn~~~~! Maria-san! Yeah, that is right, new anime of 2009 that I am watching now is ever adorable Maria+Holic, which is the story about a girl Kanako who transfer to a Oujousama high school called Ame no something... that is not important however, first day at school, she gets branded PIGGY GIRL as her nick name by a maid, Matsurika who is the servant (defiantly so) of Maria Shidou, the so-seemed Grandaughter of the Director of the school... you know, the sorts.

Beautiful, elegant, lovely, our Kanako (whom is a lesbian apparently with a fear of men) falls in love, only to have found out by the end of the episode that she is a HE!

Maria-san then takes measures to force her silent obedience, and she did, school starts in a day and problems begin as she realizes the social status of Maria-san, and is doomed to be bounded by HIS wrath if she does not keep his secret of cross-dressing.

Entertaining and fun, and
Highly recommended, for the fun value has just begun.

On other news:

Touhou World (now a thing about blogging is to really write about what you love to do and so on so here goes.)

- Fanfiction
While I do write some myself, there are two special mentions I like to say here who has helped me very much in learning the ropes of fic writing.

Valesta - Writer of Concealed the Conclusion ,
Perfect Cherry Blossom - Imperishable Night - Phantasmagoria of Flower View - Mountain of Faith/Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Yes, while fanfiction is often negatively given a slap in the face, Valesta has never failed to entertain with her writings, her work is truly inspirational to a fellow writer, fast paced, well written and almost certainly intrigue that makes you not want to shut down your computer to read it through and through. Since first introduced to the work of Valesta, I have never stopped reading up on an update, and eagerly I await, for the continuation of the next chapter of Conceal The Conclusion Alternate Universe. Heck, Valesta is one of the honorable writers who have their own Wikia Page in Touhou wiki, I sure hope to be as good as her one day. A dedicated writer deserves a good read, and you should know it.

- Writer of The Shrine of Gensokyo,
Finding History with your Flame, Casual Days of Gensokyo & others.

While undoubtedly talented, Wrathie is also a innovative writer, introducing what is in fact my most unique encounter in a fic writers narration and story telling that is both easy to read, and impossibly entertaining. Wrathie's many fans confirms that no amount of bullshit can take that away from the fics that are penned, as it is in fact, some of the best stories ever told in fan fiction. His dedication and continuing work in The Shrine of Gensokyo continues to stir the imagination, one such as a writer would in the pedigree of the penners of imagination, and enchanted it did the Touhou World in my reading as it goes. Keep up the good work.

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