Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anonymity negativity

Update! Desu!

While we are sure that the world tends to stare at us different, the world on the internet, is however, a much ruder, much more daunting staring passer-by than the real world.

The powerful tool of anonymity, when you use it, you feel powerful, it latches onto you like a powerful arm grip, and soon, with only your morals, or whatever you have left, you are left to fend for yourself at how much you can be a lover or a hater.

I am talking about forums, communities. The power of knowing that you know something of a subject of interest more than some other party, the power of knowing no one can hurt you physically over the internet, the power of knowing people don't even know who you really are, or your gender... it all amounts to a powerful illusion of mistreatment.

People like that, we call trolls.

But are we really to be blaming them when in fact it is us who are feeding them the bone they so crave? We are the disease and they are not the cure, we only breed more diseases as the internet continues its expansion, and every second of the day, a new community is born, new fools will be drawn in, and bullied, and there will be people who will come out losing the love they once had for the subject.

Take a moment, and think back what you did today... did you make someone feel better on the internet? Did you use your power of anonymity? Did you commit stupidity today with that?

I think you did, be honest, and hope that somehow, people can take it easy.


On other news:

Inspirational message of the day.

No doubt it is true, too bad most of us remain losers some point in life.

If you see this, do something about it.

Good Taste Comes Rare

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