Friday, January 16, 2009

Of Inspiration, Spirit, Humility and Inspiration...

Well... I added the songs of my liking to this playlist

Good Taste Comes Rare

I know I have good taste, in fact, I am so stupidly proud I like oldies I advice you to troll me as you like.

An apology goes out to Valesta for mistaking the gender... dude, I am sorry lol.

Usually Dead - found at

has returned, and with him, another epic story this time chronicling on the time before Ran met with Yukari and became her shikigami (servant/slave thing), and yet once again, it should be noted that his writing is extremely detailed.

Every bit of his words crafted into his story like lines of silk woven to an excellent fabric fit for kings to wear (in this case, read). Already the premise of a story so deeply detailed, including a rite of passage beautifully designed by yours truly, I really don't think I could have stopped reading if I wanted to. (that said, I finished the whole thing today)

So, without further adue, and like just about everyone, I hope to bring your attention to him, not that he isn't famous enough, but you should know what I mean.


On another note:

It amazes me to no end with this:

This man is a legend, there is no greater inspiration I can draw from anywhere else than from this man. 300 miles? check, no sleep? check, endurance WELL FUCK YEAH

Dean Karnazes continue to be the inspiration to this soul, though my best is a 2.4 hour (NOT 24 sadly) I really hope to one day be like this guy. I may not finish 100 miles a day, but I hope to break 50 if I ever could do so. So far, that dream is pretty harsh, I say my best is around a 18 miles, and that is a far cry from 50.

Why do it?

Well, there is such a thing as attempting at life.

Dean has inspired me to do it, I hope he does for you too.

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