Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Power is YOURS!

Update! Desu!

well, guess beggars can't be choosers after all, the other day I was thinking of something remotely bad, I was thinking...if I could spam so much on this forum and that forum, what the hell is stopping me from masking my IP and doing more? After all, spamming is fun, I guarantee it, you should feel the same.

Unintelligent spammers are not having fun, because that is just stupid, think about all the Boxxy threads on /b/ and you will know what I mean. OOPS, according to newfag understanding, I just broke rules 1 and 2, and then I broke my own rule for saying 'newfag'... damn again.

Whatever, the point is, I think spamming is fun, especially when you are posting (in a decent manner of certain funny) in other people's threads, things such as erm... my current favorite: "Advice Dog". (and the spawned other memes, including Courage Wolf, Depression Dog, Sly Fox, Apathy Puppy, etc).

Just why the hell not? I mean, advice dog can virtually advice on anything, I thought it was all cool and all, and then all of a sudden, Banned. (LOL USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST), not that I care, but IP surfing is what I call useful, it is not that hard. The thing is, why would you not see the spam was meaningful?

I am only posting Courage Wolf, why the heck did I get banned for encouraging people with funny quotes? Though I can imagine a few were a bit rough but heck, /b/ has gone to the dogs.

In other news:

When I think back about the good times of the funny that is not /b/ related, this comes to mind:


Backstroke of The West

What can I say? Such is golden funny, I remember when I watched some other show, presumably Kamen Rider actually, I forgot which one, had one of these translate to some Joobaloo language and translate back to chinese and then to english. BOOM! I laughed so damn hard when I recall "His shoe no change chili sauce cannot kill plastic man" (which probably now that I think about it was about Rider Kick, when Kabuto failed to charge his kick, he was kicked back by the Worm.)


That said, I guess that concludes this post. Wtf did I write this for?

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